Ladies' retreat

Ladies' retreat

from 78.00

There are three room options available. Please select the room type (details below) you would like. 

There is a discount code for members & attenders available in the newsletter. 

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PLEASE NOTE: The cost listed is the full price. There is a discount code in the newsletter for members & attenders. If you are paying cash in the tithe box, deduct $33 from the cost of the room. If you are in need of a scholarship, please contact your homegroup leader. A map is below at the bottom of the page.

ROOMING WITH FRIENDS if you would like room with friends, you must sign up AND PAY for the same room. You may

  1. tell them what room you signed up for and have them purchase it too (inventory will say 'out of stock' when there are no more beds available in that room)
  2. Sign them up using the promo code, "cashpayment"; (details at checkout) they will have two weeks to drop payment marked 'women's retreat' in the tithe box.

Classic cabins Economy option. Each cabin sleeps 20. Guests bring their own bedding; bath facility is centrally located among the cabins.

Total capacity: 120
Cost: $88.00
Member/attender cost: $55

Ponderosa four guest rooms, each sleeps 5; each room has a private bath (two sinks, two toilets, two showers per bathroom). All linens provided.

Total capacity: 20
Cost: $114.00
Member/attender cost: $81

Lodge offers all linens provided; each room has a bathroom. There are multiple arrangements, each room sleeping from between 2-6. Please read the breakdown carefully! 100 & 200 level rooms note bed variations in parenthesis in the dropdown; 300 level rooms all sleep four. 

  • 100 level rooms are all on the lower level, down two half-flights of stairs. Most have two beds. 102, 105, & 108 have four beds.
  • 200 level rooms are on the main floor. Each room sleeps four; two beds on the main floor and two in the loft. 
    • 202, 205 and 208 are suites with two additional window beds (total of 6 beds).
  • 300 level rooms are up half flight of stairs off the south side of the meeting room. Each room sleeps four; two beds on the main level and two in the loft.

Total capacity: 79
Cost: $122.00
Member/attender cost: $89

Commuter Option:
You may drive in for either Friday or Saturday or both. (Contact the church office if you would like to come for only one of the days) The cost is for the price of the meals and facility fee charged by Clearwater. 
Cost: $78
Member/attender cost: $45

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