Men's Retreat

Men's Retreat

from 18.00

There are two room options available. Please select the room type (details below) and the corresponding room. For example, if you select 'motel' in the room type drop down, you must select a motel room option. Quantities indicate a bed, not entire cabin. If you would like to commute, please purchase the commuter option for Friday & Saturday.

If the combination is greyed out, there are no more beds available in the option you chose. Please choose a different combination. 

Room type:
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Because of the charges associated with credit cards, using the cash/check payment option at check out would be greatly appreciated.

PLEASE NOTE: The price listed in the drop down is the member/attender price; the cost will revert to the non-member/attender price in March. If you are in need of a scholarship, please contact your homegroup leader.

ROOMING WITH FRIENDS if you would like room with friends, you must sign up AND PAY for the same room. You may 

  1. tell them which room or cabin you signed up for and have them purchase a spot in the same cabin (inventory will say 'out of stock' when there are no more beds available in that room)
  2. One person sign up your group using the code, "cashpayment"; (see details when you check out) each member will have two weeks to drop payment marked 'Mens retreat' in the tithe box

Cabins: economy option. Each cabin sleeps 12. Guests bring their own bedding; each cabin is equipped with bath facilities.

Total capacity of cabins: 132
Cost: $75
Member/attender cost: $55

Motel Options

  • Motel Riverside Lodge (Upper & Lower Level): all linens provided; bathrooms available in each room. Rooms sleep 3, except for #4 rooms, which has two single beds and are handicap accessible. 

    Total capacity: 42
    Cost: $95
    Member/attender cost: $75
  • Motel Edgewater: All linens provided; bathrooms available in each room. Rooms sleep 2. 
    Total capacity: 12
    Cost: $95
    Member/attender cost: $75

There are 18 other motel-type rooms available in Shoreline and Thailand (see map below); to avoid confusion we will make these available as Riverside fills up. If you would like to stay in one of these before they become available, contact Beth Anne.

Commuter Option:
You may drive in for either Friday or Saturday or both. (You will have to purchase both options if you plan on attending for both days) The cost is for the price of the meals and facility fee charged by Rosspoint. 
Cost, Friday: $25
Member/attender cost: $18
Cost, Saturday: $30
Member/attender cost: $20

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