Building Use Form


The Church Building Use Policy at Grace Christian Fellowship reflects our values and is in line with our mission statement.  The sole criterion for building use is that GCF or one of its ministries sponsor the event.  Examples might include a baby or wedding shower sponsored by a home group, a youth group sponsored event, a birthday party sponsored by a home group, etc.  Requests not sponsored by GCF or any of its ministries may be denied subject to elder’s board discretion. 

Requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the event and are subject to review and approval by staff.  Unanticipated events. (funerals, etc.) may be fast-tracked through any reviews or approvals necessary.  If you would like to use one of the church buildings, please fill out the following application. 

Notes: Occupancy limit of the sanctuary is 270 and the fellowship hall is 150 (w/o tables).  Do not plan an event for a room above its occupancy limit. 

No decorations are allowed on the walls, posts, or from the ceiling or light fixtures (no nails, tape, etc.). Decorations are allowed only on the tables and freestanding objects. 

Requested Event Date *
Requested Event Date
Subject to church calendar and staff approval.
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Start Time
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End Time
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In case the requested event date is unavailable, are there other dates/times that may work?
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Subject to approval by administrator.
Separate applications must be completed for individual events, e.g. three applications total would be needed for a bridal shower, wedding rehearsal, and ceremony.
Home group leader, Crossroads, elder, etc.
If you are going to use the church after office hours, you must arrange to have a designated opener & closer. This person will ensure the building is locked up properly, including the elevator. This can be anyone with a key and alarm code.
Liability Statement *
Cleaning Statement *
Signing a copy of this agreement, physical or electronic, will have the same effect as signing an original.

Cleaning Checklist

Please leave the building clean and ready for the next event.  This is a checklist of things that must be done: 

  • Cleanup must be done immediately after the event before the building has been closed. 

  • Dust mop floor in fellowship hall.  Spot wet mop where spills have occurred.  Equipment is located in the custodial closet next to the men’s restroom 

  • Empty all garbage into containers in alley (fellowship hall, sanctuary, and nursery) 

  • Clean kitchen. Please follow the checklist on the refrigerator 

  • Vacuum and clean nursery (if applicable) 

  • Wipe off tables 

  • Put away tables, chairs and couches back to where you found them 

  • Turn off lights 

  • Make sure elevator is secure if used (all three doors locked @ each level including exterior, key locks in locked position, up/down controls do not respond when pressed so that carriage does not move in elevator well, elevator key returned to hook in tech closet) 

  • Make sure front doors of church are secure and locked 

  • Make sure all other doors and windows are closed and locked 

  • Make sure alarm is armed